We create a team that will work exclusively for the client, and while they may be outsourced workers, they would integrate with the rest of the workers to the extent that the client wishes, while being able to operate exactly the same as if they had been contracted directly by the client.

In practice, the client may consider and treat them as their own employees, although they don’t need a legal entity in Spain to build their teams.


We are fully specialized in the profiles that software development companies demand. We have our own database that is our first and main source of potential candidates. On many occasions, it is not even necessary to publish job offers.


Branch Creation and Management

From initial advice and support in the creation and start-up of the new customer development center in Spain, to the management of the office and teams at all levels:

  • Technical management
  • Talent management (people management)
  • General administration

We take care of everything while the client remains focused on their business.

Other services

Office Real Estate – Finding the best office space is what we do. We can find you the best space with the right size, condition and price for you. If any modifications or building work needs to be done then we take care of that also, even if you want to build a new office from scratch.

Travel – When anyone from your team needs to travel, we’ll arrange everything. The flights, the hotels, the rental cars and anything else that needs doing, it’s covered.

Localization – If you need to localize your projects then we can hire the translators required for the project or we can provide it as an external service.

Office Management – We ensure your team has everything they need. We purchase any needed materials or items such as parcel management items and coffee amenities so that your team doesn’t have to waste time on those less important things. We also take care of supply agreements and management, and resolution of all types of incidents/issues and security.