We do all necessary work for your business to expand so all you need to worry about is your projects and daily tasks.

Project Management

We are software developers and project managers, we will be your link with the team and will manage your projects here


Any paperwork from the creation of the new branch is dealt with by us; payroll, LOPD (DPA), contracts, relations with local public bodies, insurances and anything else relating to the new branch.


We can hire any profile you need to run your team be it software developers, technical support, designers or any other role you need. We also take care of absences/leaves management and reporting, career development plans, compensation and benefit policies. Team culture is also important and having a well functioning team can be vital to any business which is why we also organize group activities to promote team building

Office Management

We ensure your team has everything they need. We purchase any needed materials or items such as parcel management items and coffee amenities so that your team doesn’t have to waste time on those less important things. We also take care of supply agreements and management, and resolution of all types of incidents/issues and security.


Whether it’s network connectivity or hardware issues, we can hire the IT team you need to properly support your business or we can provide any IT services you require.

Office Real Estate

Finding the best office space is what we do. We can find you the best space with the right size, condition and price for you. If any modifications or building work needs to be done then we take care of that also, even if you want to build a new office from scratch.


When anyone from your team needs to travel, we’ll arrange everything. The flights, the hotels, the rental cars and anything else that needs doing, it’s covered.


If you need to localize your projects then we can hire the translators required for the project or we can provide it as an external service.