People of trust

Executive Summary

Telemaco is a global Internet agency that was founded more than 20 years ago in Villena, Alicante. Its function is to do things differently than other agencies, it offers the complete cycle of: web development, accommodation and promotion.
The team is made up of professionals with many years of experience in the sector, as well as new professionals that have new and innovative ideas, which are very necessary in this changing sector.


Due to its successes, and being able to satisfy the demand of all its clients, Telemaco needed to continue expanding the team with different profiles, however some of those profiles were very difficult to find in Alicante province. The solution was to outsource the selection process to a company specialized in IT profiles and at an appropriate cost.

How BranchCreation helped

BranchCreation offered a recruitment service, specializing in recruiting profiles, difficult to find in the Alicante area. This process consisted of searching out professionals who fit the profile through their own database, social networks and employment portals. Once the first stage of the selection process has been carried out, initial contact, personal interviews, technical evaluations and the request for references of previous work are collated. This information is then presented as a full evaluation of each of the preselected candidates and sent to Telemaco. Consisting of an interview report, a technical evaluation, references and the resume. With all this information, Telemaco decided which candidates they wanted to meet and interview. Finally, they managed to fill the position they needed.