Expert in Data Center solutions.

Superna is a software development company, that was founded in Ontario in 2003. Superna is a global leader in Managing, Protecting and Securing unstructured data.  Superna operates in 5 countries and has over 2800 customers in all verticals that depend on our scalable simple and easy to use products to protect and secure billions of files stored on Scale out NAS.  

Executive Summary


Superna needed to expand their product, and at the same time continue developing their current iteration. Due to an increase in customers and the difficulty in finding qualified technical profiles cost-effective in Ontario, Superna decided to initiate the procedures for the creation of the Spanish branch. In March 2022 began the expansion of Superna in Spain, forming a team of highly qualified professionals at more affordable prices than possible in Ontario.

How BranchCreation Helped

Thanks to its extensive experience, BranchCreation provided a solution for Superna to expand its development team in Spain. The most important actions that BranchCreation carried out for Superna’s expansion in Spain to be successful were the following: Provided guidance on the administrative processes necessary to start operating and hire people, carried out the recruitment and selection process, monitored, from a project management perspective, and ensured that the team in Spain was perfectly integrated with the parent company processes.

Cost competitive hiring

BranchCreation was able to cover Superna’s needs to expand its products by hiring highly qualified professionals with competitive salaries in the market for both the company and the employees.

Abundance of technical profiles

In 8 months, BranchCreation were able to cover a 11-headcount shortage with highly skilled professionals. Technical Lead, Full-stack developers, and Technical Supports Engineers.

Quick and effective solution

All aspects of the creation and management of the branch are being covered, in this way the client only focuses on the business.

“Currently, the Superna team in Spain is made up of 11 employees, with the prospect of growing in future”.

Kyle Fransham – VP of Research and Development

Results, Return on Investment (ROI)

The Spanish team currently consists of a team of 11 professionals: 8 developers, 2 Technical Supports Engineers, 1 Technical Lead.

The team was perfectly integrated and productive in a very short time. Due to the good performance of the team, at this moment we are looking for: Java developers, UX/UI Designer, DevOps, and QA Engineers to scale the team to Superna’s current needs.

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