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A successful branch creation in Spain.

Executive Summary

Lansweeper is a software development company, that was founded in Belgium in 2011. Lansweeper develops a product that allows users to find & gather information on all company assets, hardware specs, software and much more, enabling you to eliminate one of the biggest hurdles; getting complete end-to-end visibility of your network and offering full visibility into your distributed IT environments.

Lansweeper gets you the answers you need in no time.

“The solution was to create a new development office in Spain that maintains high-quality standards and being cost-effective.”


Due to an increase in customers and customer requirements, Lansweeper needed to expand their product, and at the same time continue developing their current iteration, while maintaining high-quality standards and being cost-effective. However they encountered difficulty in finding suitable qualified technical profiles in Belgium.

How BranchCreation Helped

BranchCreation provided a turn-key solution to create the branch in Spain, with the following benefits. It provided guidance on the administrative processes required to start operating and hiring people, performed the recruiting process and monitored, from a project management perspective, that the team in Spain was perfectly integrated with the parent company processes. 

Cost competitive hiring

BranchCreation were able to break through the company’s quandary by hiring employees at competitive market-level wages.

Abundance of technical profiles

In 11 months, BranchCreation were able to cover a 23 headcount shortage with highly skilled professionals. Full-stack developer, DevOps, QA Engineers, UX / UI designers, Product Owner, Product Marketing Manager, Technical Manager, Technical lead and HR Manager. 

Unified solution for management

All aspects of the creation and management of the branch are covered, so the customer was able to maintain focus on the business.

Results, Return on Investment (ROI)

The new headquarters of Lansweeper in Spain is in the Alicante city. The team currently consists of a team of 23 professionals: 13 developers, 2 UX / UI designers, 1 UX / UI designer and PO, 2 QA Engineers, 1 DevOps, 1 Product Marketing Manager, 1 Technical Lead, 1 Technical Manager and 1 Human Resources.

Due to the success in the creation and commissioning of the branch in Spain, Lansweeper has decided to expand the team over 40 people over the next few months.

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