Helping teams expand software engineering capacity and deliver results quicker

A successful branch creation in Spain.

Executive Summary

GitKraken (formally Axosoft) is a software product company, that was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, US in 2002. GitKraken makes a suite of legendary Git tools that help developers be more productive – and teams collaborate more closely – wherever they are and wherever they code.

GitKraken tools are relied upon by more than 10 million developers at 100,000 organizations around the world. Together GitKraken is helping them solve big problems like climate change, space travel, curing disease, education, and secure commerce.


GitKraken team wanted to rapidly expand their product engineering capacity to make progress on multiple strategic initiates in parallel while still responding quickly to customer requests. Due to challenges in hiring highly skilled engineers in their current market and a need to expand team quickly, the GitKraken team decided to start hiring outside of Scottsdale.

How BranchCreation Helped

GitKraken team decided not to hire 3rd party consultants and preferred fulltime staff and initiated the process of creating a Spanish branch in September 2020. Given BranchCreation prior experience helping companies enter the Spain market, BranchCreation was awarded the contract. BranchCreation provided guidance on the administrative processes necessary to start operating and hiring people in Spain. BranchCreation carried out the recruitment and worked closely with GitKraken team to find the best candidates. BranchCreation also worked closely with existing GitKraken team and new Spain team to ensured that the team in Spain was smoothly integrated with the parent company processes, plans and systems.

Cost Leverage

BranchCreation was able to hire highly qualified professionals at much reduced cost than that in the US, thus allowing them to hire more.

Quality & Quantity

In 16 months, BranchCreation was able to source and hire 21 fulltime engineers ranging from Technical Lead, Full-stack developers, DevOps, QA Engineers, UX / UI designers, Scrum Master and Technical Supports Engineers.


All aspects of the creation and management of the branch are being covered, so GitKraken team can focus on the desired outcomes.

“Currently, the GitKraken team in Spain is made up of 21 employees, with the prospect of growing in the coming months”.

Predictable Results

The team was integrated and productive in a very short time. Spain team is delivering on roadmap and is currently trying to expand the size of the team.

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