Powering Modern Agile Development

Executive Summary

BitModern is a new, agile tools US company founded in 2016. BitModern’s mission is to provide high productivity cloud-based agile team tools that seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and workflows such as GitHub, Jenkins, and Jira. BitModern’s tools are always cloud-based, highly scalable, and driven by modern web user experiences that seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use.

TestQuality, the first of a series of agile tools from BitModern, is a unique test plan management solution that helps you build and run better tests and test plans.

“Together with the wide real experience requirement, it was crucial as well to find candidates with a high level of autonomy.”


To continue the development of top-quality tools and due to the increase of customers and the features offered in its products BitModern needed to expand its workforce with a full-stack developer and a product manager, both of them with proven experience. In addition to finding a highly qualified and experienced candidate, it was crucial as well to find candidates with a high level of autonomy, without detriment to quality or commitment. To find such top profiles locally was difficult.

How BranchCreation Helped

The requirements for the team were to start small and grow later, and because of that, they did not need to initially incorporate Spain. Also, because of the wide international experience of Bitmodern’s managers, they already knew a product manager in Spain that they wanted to hire. BranchCreation quickly found a high experienced full-stack developer and immediately hired both employees on behalf of BitModern.

Cost competitive hiring

Branchcreation was able to cover BitModern’s needs at competitive market-level wages both for the company and for the employees. With BranchCreation the employees get the best coverage of the Spanish labor market, however BitModern does not assume long term obligations.

Top technical profiles available

BranchCreation was able to find profiles that met the demanding requirements of the client in terms of knowledge, experience, quality, autonomy, and commitment.

Quick and effective solution

Only two weeks after the signature of the services Agreement both employees were hired. They are directly managed by BitModern as they are part of their structure, while BranchCreation takes care of local payroll and other legal obligations.

“Only two weeks after the signature of the services Agreement, both employees were hired.”

Results, Return on Investment (ROI)

The team was perfectly integrated and productive in a very short time. Due to the good performance of the team, at this moment we are looking for a new full-stack developer to scale the team to Bitmodern’s current needs.

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