Verónica García – VP of Human Resources

To apply to this position contact by e-mail with Verónica García

Who we are: EnergyCAP, LLC is an industry-leading and award-winning software company focused on utility bill tracking and energy management. We develop software solutions that our customers use to save money on utility bills, streamline bill processing, and reduce building energy use. We work in an open, Agile-based environment to facilitate teamwork and accountability. Our core values are: product leadership, operational excellence, customer intimacy, and good stewardship. We are based in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

This team: EnergyCAP’s Design and User Experience Team follows a user-focused design process to take features from concept to implementation. User experience specialists, user interface designers, and the product owner work together to define problems to be solved, create potential solutions, prototype solutions, test solutions with stakeholders, and create actionable development specifications for the software development team.

We’re looking for a User Experience (UX) Specialist, who:

Will be this type of person:

  • Able to gather user requirements and develop user stories
  • Comfortable conducting interviews and documenting input from employees and customers
  • Can lead user experience discussions and design activities
  • Uses available data, metrics, and resources to make data-informed decisions
  • Proficient in tools for conducting user testing
  • Experienced in developing functional specifications
  • Demonstrates attention to detail as portrayed in quality of user experience solutions
  • Comfortable with the rapid deliverables and deadlines associated with software development projects
  • Capable of translating complex feature requirements/requests into practical user flows that help customers adopt software
  • Openly collaborates with others and shares ideas/opinions in a respectful manner
  • Willing to learn about our business and the industries and customers it supports

Will do these types of things:

  • Collaboratively brainstorm and design innovative solutions to complex problems as a member of EnergyCAP’s Design and User Experience team
  • Work closely with the product owner to generate ideas and develop options for new application features and product enhancements
  • Conduct user research, identify pain points, and develop user profiles
  • Analyze customer usage and patterns to determine solutions with the best user experience
  • Run usability tests and perform other usability assessments as appropriate
  • Help the team interpret and understand user feedback and provide input for the optimal user experience and UI design based on that feedback
  • Make recommendations about which usability methods to use to answer questions about users and design solutions based on needs, goals, and constraints
  • Collaborate with team members and the marketing department on graphic assets, UI components, and design patterns
  • Collaborate on wireframes to facilitate requirement and UX discussions
  • Test wireframes, mockups, and simple prototypes with users and recommend improvements to software
  • Contribute to requirements and functional specifications
  • Work as an integrated member of a software development team
  • Provide regular feedback in an Agile lifecycle regarding usability improvements

Will achieve these results:

  • Collaborative user experience design process that includes feedback from users, employees, the product owner, designers, and developers
  • Well-organized and documented requirements, use cases, user flows, wireframes, and functional design specifications for new EnergyCAP software features
  • Minimal cognitive friction for EnergyCAP software users
  • Organized and systematic customer feedback efforts
  • Improved awareness across the entire team regarding the value of good user experience design and patterns (value for both developers and end-users)


  • Bachelor’s degree (required)
  • Degree in user experience, human-centered design, or another related field (preferred)
  • 2+ years working with a design team (preferred)


  • Experience applying quantitative research techniques
  • Experience with system accessibility standards and techniques

Will achieve these results:

  • Effectively lead the Integration Software Development team’s daily activities
  • Coordinate activities, requirements, and deliverables with team members and stakeholders
  • Supervise technical staff in Alicante
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to all Alicante team members
  • Coordinate Alicante office activities and logistics with other EnergyCAP departments
  • Actively participate as a member of EnergyCAP’s Technology Leadership Team
  • Develop, test, and deploy software packages that integrate various tools and services within EnergyCAP’s environment
  • Develop value-added services for EnergyCAP’s clients and employees (SaaS environment with multiple data centers and cloud providers)
  • Be an active member of an Agile-based team environment
  • Deliver software that conforms to team coding standards and processes
  • Review software developed by other team members and respond to code-review comments from other developers
  • Develop appropriate automated tests for all deployed software (unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, etc.)—EnergyCAP uses automated testing for all software projects.
  • Develop reusable components, libraries, and services that satisfy multiple business needs
  • Work collaboratively with team members (including a technical writer) to appropriately document delivered software
  • Collaborate as a member of the development team to ensure that delivered software meets business needs, is accurate, and meets performance requirements
  • Meet critical software release deadlines while not sacrificing the quality of the product
  • Continue personal development through provided training opportunities and self-directed activities


  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, engineering, or another technology-related field
  • 5+ years of experience in production-level, software development
  • Prior experience in a technical leadership position (preferred)