The progress of information technology has led to a significant and profound transformation in many company´s production systems. Resulting in technological innovation within the main company structure, and becoming imperative for growth and survival. Information technology has not slowed in forty years and companies must keep up if they want to survive. The combination of [...]

Start-up of the technology campus in Elche’s Industrial Park (Alicante) As we mentioned last month in May, an article published on "Public initiatives to boost technology based economy in Alicante",The City Hall of Elche, in collaboration with the University Miguel Hernández, Elche, announced the project to build a technology campus in Elche’s Industrial Park, located [...]

Talent vs cost

As shown by the Glassdoor's report revealing the 25 Highest Paying Companies in America for 2016, 20 of them are technology companies. Every day is more and more clear that keeping talent is a key factor for software companies in the road to success. But, while salary is a top consideration to accept a job, [...]