For a long time, we have known about the importance for any company to achieve a good working environment, but this is no easy task, since it depends not only on a single person, but many.

One of the main motivating factors for employees, besides having good benefits, is the work environment. Employees need a healthy atmosphere in order to work optimally. Many employees may have the necessary skills to meet the requirements of a position, but if they are not in a comfortable work environment, they will not reach their potential.

A negative work environment reduces employee motivation and enthusiasm, thus damaging the productivity of the company, and significantly affecting the physical and mental health of professionals. In a company with a toxic work climate, the probability of employee turnover is greater.

Therefore, it is critical that the company invest time and effort in fostering a suitable work environment, improve the communication channels with employees, adapt a more participative than imposition leadership, recognize and encourage employee successes, and set up career goals etc. All of this, will help eliminate any tension because communication will be increased, while also bringing greater satisfaction to all involved. Employees will feel more motivated, be more eager to work and their feeling of belonging to the company will be greater. Employee absenteeism will be reduced and productivity in general will improve, since a suitable work environment that satisfies the development of the individual and growth as part of a team, results in a much better optimization of time and resources.

Therefore, it is important for companies to carry out a periodic evaluation of the work environment. In order to carry out this evaluation, the most common method is to use surveys as it is easy to measure and administer, and can reach a large number of people. Through the survey, we can obtain valuable information about the perception that workers have regarding the organization. In this way, you can find out what are the main areas to improve and where to intervene based on the resources available to the company.

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