It is often the norm, of many articles published to highlight the importance that when forming a team, you should select people with ‘team attitude’, but they rarely talk about how teamwork influences people.

Teamwork should be understood as a great opportunity for people to have greater personal and professional growth in general. In work teams, we often find very different people, who make very particular contributions to the team. This diversity of ideas, opinions and behaviors is what helps a mutual enrichment among team members. People generally disagree because of their different ways of approaching a task, or how they solve a problem, however, that circumstance can be very beneficial because it forces them to think more and have greater creativity when it comes to solving any problem that can is presented.

The goal of teamwork is to integrate specific goals into a common goal. If the company manages to encourage the participation of workers in the analysis and decision making processes, they will feel more integrated and committed to the goals of the team and the objectives of the company. Feeling that their contributions are valued and taken into account by the rest of the team, will lead them to feel more motivated and perform better.

This feeling of integration in the team and in the company, helps people to express their ideas and points of view in a freer way. In most cases, the points of view within a team can be very different and therefore can be somewhat complex to deal with. But in the end, this situation, in addition to leading to more complete solutions, is encouraging people to talk more with each other, discuss their different points of view, or consider different types of scenarios or solutions that they had never considered before. With this we will be getting an improvement in the communication skills of the workers. The objective is to ensure that this communication can be carried out in an open and positive manner, thus increasing the levels of tolerance and respect towards others.

Through teamwork, people are encouraged to carry out their work in an environment that is comfortable and pleasant, and therefore there is less rotation in the workplace.

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