In the last times a couple of public initiatives have coincided, showing the growing interest and increased capabilities of the Alicante province in Spain as a central of attraction for the technology industry.

In my previous article, I talked about the many advantages for IT companies that create a branch in the Alicante-Elche area. You can read about it here:

Invest in Spain

The plan to create a start-ups hub in Alicante

Ximo Puig, the regional government president of the Valencian Community (Spain), announced a project to transform the facilities in“Cuidad de la Luz”, a complex that was initially created to host one of the biggest film studios in Europe, into a start-ups hub inspired in the Finnish model of Helsinki Business Hub.

The first step is the arrival of Fun Academy Ltd., a spin-off of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., focussed in creating a gamified digital learning platform offering digital learning content and tools to teachers and other content creators.

In the words of Sanna Lukander, Co Founder and CEO on Fun Academy, “…we don’t want to be alone, we want to be the first of an eco-system of start-ups”.

Two of the buildings in the complex of “Ciudad de la Luz” — Alicante (Spain)


Fun Academy has already established collaboration with the University of Valencia and will contact the University of Alicante shortly, because a close involvement with universities is an important part of this model.

Below you can find a translation into English from the original article published in the newspaper Levante-EMV.

A Finnish start-up will be installed in Alicante

Plan to create a technological campus in Elche

The City Hall of Elche, in collaboration with the University Miguel Hernández, Elche, announced the project to build a technological campus in the Industrial Park of Elche, located midway from the city and the Alicante-Elche International Airport.

The project is being developed by PIMESA, the public company owned by City Hall, that manages the industrial park and other public urban infrastructures in Elche. It relies on the support of the Foundation UHM that successfully manages the University Miguel Hernández Science and Business Park, promoting and improving competitiveness among companies through the university research technology transfer, and providing all kind of services to support technology start-ups.

The place to develop this project covers an area of 92725 square metres. 40597 of them will be dedicated to green areas, another 38471 to streets and parking spaces, and 13657 to buildings, including the creation of a building with 52932 square metres over several stories.

View of the area reserved in the Elche Industrial Park to build the technology campus


The goal of this project is to attract technology-based companies to create branches in Spain by providing a great environment with complimentary services, access to talent and a deep integration with the local universities.

There are already a significant and growing number of international software companies that have created a branch in Alicante benefiting from the many advantages offered by the area. These new public initiatives further improve the allure of an area that has definitely become a top location for these kinds of companies now and in the future.

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