The progress of information technology has led to a significant and profound transformation in many company´s production systems. Resulting in technological innovation within the main company structure, and becoming imperative for growth and survival. Information technology has not slowed in forty years and companies must keep up if they want to survive.

The combination of new advances in many areas of information technology along with the changes we have seen in the new millennium will continue to revolutionize the business world in an unprecedented escalation.

This “technological revolution” has led to an increase in wages in the ICT sector, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain talent. For this reason, many companies in North America and northern Europe have chosen to relocate their development centers to countries where wages are more competitive, and highly qualified professionals are readily available.

In the case of Alicante, there is an abundance of technology professionals because of its two major universities. Plus, the cost of living is cheaper than in the main cities of Spain. For this reason, the price-quality ratio for recruiting within the technology sector in this region of Spain is very compelling. As an added benefit, the region is a well known tourist hot spot and the travel connections are very well catered for.

In the following graph, a comparison of salaries of the most common positions within the software sector between Sillicon Valley and the main cities of Spain and Europe is reflected.

Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain. They have significant industry and many technology companies. However, hiring a developer in these cities is expensive and will cost you between 24 and 35 percent more than in Alicante. This difference increases to 43 percent in the case of managers.

If we take the comparison to the main European capitals, we will discover that this difference increases even more. In Amsterdam, Dublin, London or Berlin a developer will cost twice as much as in Alicante. Increasing to 2.61 times more in the case of Berlin. These figures also hold true for managers.

In the case of Silicon Valley the increase is a great deal higher since to hire these roles, you will pay between 4.8 and 6.2 times more than in Alicante.


BranchCreation offers you the opportunity to create and manage the Spanish branch of your US/EU company, so that you can retain focus on running your business.

Our customers are USA/EU based software development companies looking to expand their workforce by hiring the best software developers, but at a fraction of the cost. We are not an outsourcing company, instead, we build the team you need to your exact specifications; this team becomes your employees.

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